Different Types In The USB Cables And The Ports

USB is a device that will help you to transfer the files from one system to the other. You can find different types of USB cables and ports each of them play a beneficial and core role in the system.

In some of the systems, they will already provide you with the cable attached to the product when you buy them.To know about the different types you can make use of this article to know about them.


This is a usual type of USB connector in which you can see them generally. Thus USB USB cabelsdevice will have a rectangular end you need to connect them to the device. Connecting only this with many devices cannot be done. At the same time, you should not connect both ends in different computers.


These type of USB connectors are square at one end of the device. This was been uses widely in the older days. Mainly they used it for connecting to the printer and now in the latest episode this is not into the market is a valuable standard.

Mini USB

As the name denotes this type of USB will be very much small you can connect them to your mobile and also you can take them wherever you want they are portable.

Micro USB

USB cabelsMicro USB is also a kind of small port this will support any device. When you connect your device with the system they will be highly flexible and also you can mainly connect them for the Bluetooth. This is mainly highlighted for smartphones.


This USB C device is entirely different when being compared to the above. In other ports, only one side can be inserted but in this c port, you can have the end of two-port with the USB c pin. Many people have started to make use of them. When making this you can find the difference between the above-mentioned types and also this type.

These are different types of USB cable types and their benefits on how they will perform in the working. This is how you can understand USB cable types and the role of it in the device.

Final thoughts

With the help of this article, you can get to know about the different types of USB cables and the ports. Make use of the right USB and enjoy their comfort and benefits, but it is possible only through acquiring knowledge on it.

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