Difference Between The Plug, Connector, Port And Jack

Everyone will be making use of the ports, plug, connector, and jack in some instances for some reason but the majority of people don’t even have the idea about their difference and their sole function.

This is not right when you are making use of something for some purpose you have to get to know about them each and everything so that you can make you them effectively. To help you with making understanding the difference between plug, connector, jack and port, it is explained below go through it and grab the idea on their purposes.

Plug, Connector, Port, Jack


The plug is a part of a cable and that will be get connected to the port for passing the power supply. The plug will be always connected to something else like the jack or port on a wall. For example, the most common plug is the power plug and that connects the television to your power source and that allows the television to switch on.
The plug will be contained in all types of electronic devices and those plugs are responsible for the power supply from the power source to the device. When it was not secured properly on touching them you may get shocked.


The connector is the edge part of anything like the jack, or plug, and that will get associated with the port. For example, your mobile USB cable will be containing the connector on their edge and that enables it to the interface into a USB port. This interface is said to be the physical interface. Generally, the electronic connector attaches the two gadgets likewise the plugs, ports, or interface. There are different types of connectors based on the model of devices.


The port usually contains the space in between them and that space coordinates the cord or plug is attached to the port. The port makes the connection process smoother and that helps the devices to get power supply. Without the port, none of the devices could receive the power supply.

Plug, Connector, Port And Jack


The jack is similar to the port and they too have the opening and other connections. This enables the fitting to get associated with the jack, generally, the jack is used while portraying the sound jack.

Final verdicts

There are several varieties of cables are available in the market and that can help you in connecting all kinds of connectors, jack, port, and plugs. Grab the knowledge on the difference between them so that you can use them accordingly.

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